Our building and estate management services are intended to shift the burden of obtaining resources (human and otherwise) for building construction and services, maintenance, repairs, etc. from prospective landlords and property owners to GDS. We also handle general real estate management services for all property owners. There is a specialised service for property owners living outside of Ghana. We offer the services of our dedicated team of professionals and artisans to clients for building projects or even maintenance work.


We offer building services of high quality to our clients in the following areas:

Professional resources

GDS helps you identify and hire the services of building professionals and artisans. We also offer the services of our dedicated team of professionals and artisans to clients for building projects or even maintenance or refurbishment work regarding:

Builders, Building & Construction Services.
Joiners, Joinery Services & Supplies
Plumbers, Plumbing Services & Supplies.
Roofers, Roofing Services & Roof Suppliers.
Electricians, Electrical Services, Electrical & Electricians
Kitchen Suppliers & Fitters, Suppliers & Fitters of Kitchens
Architects, Plans, Architects Drawings, Architects Plans
Floor tillers, Painters etc.

Auxiliary Building Services

A building must do what it was designed to do – not just provide shelter but also be an environment where people can live, work and achieve. Auxiliary Building services are what make a building come to life. Everything inside a building, which makes it safe and comfortable to be in, comes under the title of ‘Auxiliary Building Services’.

They include:

Energy supply – gas, electricity and renewable sources
Water, drainage and plumbing
Natural and artificial lighting, and building facades
Escalators and lifts
Ventilation and refrigeration
Communication lines, telephones and IT networks
Security and alarm systems
Fire detection and protection
Waste Management
Maintenance of External Utility Network
Cleaning of Common Areas, Streets, Drains

Our building services engineers and other professionals design, install and maintain them in working order.

Property Letting Management

With the growth of the Buy or build to Let Market, landlords have felt an increasing frustration with the day-to-day management, rent collection and maintenance of their properties.

At GDS we can relieve the stress and inconvenience with our first hand knowledge and sound experience in all aspects of letting management.

Our experienced staff utilise the latest Letting’s System, which is tried and tested and based on years of experience, technical knowledge and a real understanding of what is involved in effective and efficient letting management.
Cash flow and low maintenance costs are central to good letting management. Our efficient credit control ensures rent is paid, when due, and all maintenance is carried out promptly and competitively.
Our ultimate aim is to offer complete peace of mind to our client landlords, and their tenants, in the knowledge they are dealing with a company which is experienced in meeting defined standards of landlord and tenant service at the highest possible level.
We offer a proven service that seeks to provide the highest quality professional advice to meet individual client objectives.
The service is committed to applying innovative and proactive management practices to clients across the country.

Estate Management Services

Our Traditional Estate Management Consultancy is a proven service tailored to individual client objectives and requirements. We are committed to applying innovative management practices to deliver the right solutions, at both a strategic level and on a day-to-day basis, to clients across the country.

GDS’s Estate Management Consultancy offers the following services:

Strategic planning and policy advice
Day-to-day management
Tenancy advice and review
Landscape and environmental  management
Asset enhancement
Residential, commercial and sporting lettings
Rent collection

Commercial property management

GDS offer commercial property management services throughout Ghana. The types of commercial properties we manage are – office buildings, industrial estates, retail paradesandshopping centers.

The services we offer include:

Rent and Service Charge collection
Service charge budgeting and accounting
Arrears and debt Management
Re-letting of vacant areas
Negotiation of rent reviews and lease renewals
Refurbishment program analysis
Statutory testing for health and safety standards
And much more…

We can tailor our management services to suit your requirements. Our team includes property specialists, surveyors and facilities management professionals

Private estate and holiday homes management service

This management service has developed as a tailored solution to the challenges of owning large private properties and luxury holiday homes. The advent of our specialised service would make property owners in this category have their dreams of the perfect home come true.
Our typical clients?

Our clients are proprietors who are buying a new luxury holiday home in Ghana and would like their new property set ready to move in, but do not have the time to manage it all by themselves.
Others are owners of existing properties (holiday home) who simply demand more control, less involvement and higher standards of care. We offer continued management of the estate, assuring them first class standards and guaranteed control.

Prospective Clients must complete a service requisition / application form and sign it off. The required service is clearly indicated. GDS reviews the application and issues an offer letter, which must be accepted by the client before service commences. The offer letter has appendixes that spell out the scope or nature of the service as well as client/GDS obligations.


The nature of the service will determine the type of payment arrangement. There are two types of arrangements in place namely;

One-off (i.e. clients pay as and when they access service) -Deposit payment of 20%, balance payable on completion.
Regular periodic payments (i.e. clients sign up for services for a specific contract period say a year or more)- Clients must establish a standing order/direct debit (preferable) or pay by cheque.